Features & Details

CAT 777G - TRUCK OEM partial and complete aircon replacement system. With field service vehicles based in Newman and Paraburdoo, this allows us to provide support to our clients across the Pilbara. CATERPILLAR 777G
  • AP59-2149 Evaporator Coil
  • AP59-6125 Evaporator Fan Motor Assembly
  • AP50-1291 Compressor
  • AP53-5145 Adaptor for Compressor
  • AP53-7325 Adaptor for Compressor
  • AP51-5006 Condenser Coil
  • AP52-0562 Receiver Dryer
  • AP52-2583 Accumulator
  • AP58-3148 Pressure Switch (High Pressure)
  • AP58-6371 Pressure Switch (Low Pressure)
  • AP57-8480  Belt for Compressor
  • AP54-0301 Hose
  • AP54-6428 Hose
  • AP54-1879 Hose
  • AP54-3194 Hose
  • AP54-1881 Hose
  • AP54-1882 Hose
  • AP54-4102 Hose
  • AP54-4103 Hose
  • AP54-0104 Hose
  • AP56-2525 Thermostat
  • AP53-0626  Hose Coupling
  • AP53-0625  Hose Coupling
  • AP53-0627  Hose Coupling
  • AP53-9168  Hose Coupling

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