Ionnic Beacon 106 LED Light (Magnetic)

Features & Details

* Highly visible colour display 
* Multi Voltage 12-24V
* Current Draw 3.2A @ 12V
* Polycarbonate Lens
* Aluminium Base 
* Vibration resistance rated to SAE J575
* Ingress Protection IP67
* Operating Temperature -30C to 50C
* Light Source 18 x 3W LED
* Approvals ECE R10, ECE R65

* 21.5 x 21 x 16cm


Powerful Performance Emergency 106 LED Light (Magnetic)
Patented Hybrid Drive technology – no gears, no belts, no brushes to wear out.

Vision Alert Rotating LED products avoid problems typically found in gear or belt driven beacons by using a direct drive stepper motor. A direct-drive stepper motor has much greater reliability than a brushed DC motor with either a gear or belt assembly, because the only moving parts are the shaft and rotor by tow sealed bearings.

The stepper motor uses magnetic induction to rotate the rotor and shaft so there are no gears to slip or belts to break and no electrical brushes or other contacts to wear out.

Rotating Light Output. The light emitted from the 8 LEDs  require less current draw to provide an equal or greater light output compared to alternative lighting technologies.

Technical specifications

  • Redesigned lens optics provide stronger & brighter output
  • True rotating LED
  • Heavy duty, virtually unbreakable
  • Magnetic version features cigar plug with integrated on/off & pattern select switches
  • Patented ‘Hybrid Drive technology. No gears, no belts, no brushes
  • SAE Class 1 rated output
  • LEDs rated to 50,000 hours operation
  • Low current draw
  • UV hard coated polycarbonate lens for high durability in harsh conditions
  • Magnetic version features 2600mm lead to cigar plug with integrated switch
  • Complies to over-dimensional vehicle regulations in several Australian states
  • 5 years warranty

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