Allplant Custom Build Tramming Interlock Box

Features & Details

• Jack Leg Position
• Ladder Position
• Rotary Head Position
• Tower Pinning


• Environmentally sealed body
• Extreme shock resistance
• Heavy duty mounting system
• Mount: Single Bolt M8
• Weight: kg


• Hight - mm
• Width - mm
• Depth - mm


Allplant’s custom build tramming interlock box has been designed with ease of installations during maintenance shut down works. All the components used in the box as well as the harnessing have proven reliability in harsh mining environments.

The custom build tramming interlock control box, cuts feeds to tramming circuits if any input is activated. The machine will not tram if any red w/light are activated.

It can be adapted to Blast-hole drill rigs such as DML and Non-RCS Pit Viper (EHC)

Contact Allplant Auto Electric to find out more about the Allplant’s tramming interlock box for your machine.

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