Rock Board Custom Display HAUL TRUCK ID Number Board (1000W)

Features & Details

• Powerful Yellow LED display
• Non-changeable Alpha-Numeric display
• Asset number board made to order
• 1-5 character fleet number ID
• Part Number - AP15-B1000

• Current Draw: 0.7A @ 24V
• Voltage: 24V
• Display: 1-5 Character Display 
• Character Display Height: 434mm
• Weight: 14.5 Kg

• Width: 1000mm
• Height: 583mm
• Depth: 40mm

Genuine Rock Board product


Custom Display HAUL TRUCK / EXCAVATOR / LOADER ID Number Board (1000W)

Custom Display HAUL TRUCK / EXCAVATOR / LOADER Pro Series LED Number Board 1000mm x 583mm x 40mm. Non-Changeable Alpha-Numeric Display. Suitable for Dump Truck, Excavators, Water Carts, Loaders & Drills. 

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