Easily identify common contamination circuit faults with up to 8 positions available to be tested on the one unit. Comes in a heavy duty carry case with connection harness made from oil resistant cabling. Simple circuit tester for use during servicing to confirm operation of the OEM contamination alert circuit installed on Hitachi -5 and -6 excavators.

Customer requested a simple control box to be designed with 8 positions to essentially close the OEM contamination alert circuit for up to 8 individual channels. This would then be confirmed on the Contamination Sensing Unit (CSU). As the OEM contamination switches are a normally open magnetic pick up switch they have no failsafe indication for the wiring from the CSU to the switches. Purpose behind the kit is to have a hand held unit that could be easily transported and connected to the machines contamination switches during routine planned maintenance servicing or for fault finding a breakdown to quickly and easily confirm functionality of the circuits. The harness is constructed of heavy duty oil resistant cabling which is clearly labelled for each circuit in use. The switch box is a simple design, one connection point with eight toggle switches, this has a decal with each switch function. A rugged carry case also comes with the kit to house both the switch box and connection harness.

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