Before and After samples. Allplant Auto Electrics full or partial drill rig rewiring options. Talk to one of our team member for more information or to book a consultation.  

Drill Rig Rewiring2022-03-16T14:49:27+08:00

Allplant Auto Electrics' KOMATSU WA1200-3 - Allplant Electrical local options fit-out as built parts listing, including OEM replacement parts and labour hire in the Pilbara to service mining equipments and reduce down time.

KOMATSU WA1200-3 local option fit-out2022-02-23T14:22:53+08:00

Water cart control systems from Allplant are developed on the “keep it simple” philosophy. This is why at Allplant Auto Electrics, we have developed wiring harnesses and a control system that has proven to be ultra-reliable for use in heavy-duty water carts. Starting with the control panel, it was designed ...

Water Cart Control Systems2022-09-08T13:10:46+08:00

Fluid level monitoring service truck control system. This system was designed by Allplant and installed to a 777G service truck. The truck has screens at the rear of the truck with the option for a cab screen. The screen allows the operator to know how much fluid they have left. ...

Fluid level monitoring service truck2022-03-16T15:25:15+08:00

Wiring harness manufacture, using braided nylon yarn and tin coated high temp XLPE TXL wire. The yarn allows moisture in and moisture to escape. Unlike conduit, conduit when not sealed correctly traps moisture leading to corrosion.

Wiring Harness Manufacture2023-09-12T09:26:44+08:00

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