Stainless Steel Emergency Stop with Eaton Push/Pull Head and Eaton.

At Allplant Auto Electrics, we understand the value and importance in providing equipment that won’t let you down, particularly when you consider how much of the products we make gets used in remote sites, exposed to the harsh West Australian elements.

Quality… reliability… and most importantly, safety, are words we take seriously at Allplant.

This month’s product focus are our Emergency Stop buttons. They play a crucial role in keeping mine sites and industrial machinery a safe place for all its staff, all over Australia.

Our Stainless Steel Emergency Stop buttons are designed and made with quality, reliability and safety in mind. They’re made from 316 grade stainless steel, which means durability is paramount. Stainless steel also means that the chance of rust creeping into the unit is negligible.

The detail specifications are below:

  • Manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel
  • Eaton heavy duty single contact block 2x N/O 2x N/C
  • Once piece pressed enclosure no welds
  • Available in Deutsch connector or gland harnesses entry

They’re built to last, and built to reduce costly downtime.

Part Number:   AP13-8634

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