Water cart control systems from Allplant are developed on the “keep it simple” philosophy.

This is why at Allplant Auto Electrics, we have developed wiring harnesses and a control system that has proven to be ultra-reliable for use in heavy-duty water carts. Starting with the control panel, it was designed for easy operator use in mind and the ability to house all necessary components in one complete unit. Having the switches, cannon control, water level gauge, spray pulse timer, fuses and relays all in a compact unit this allows for a simple installation into the vehicle and minimal integration with the OEM system. Component choice has come from years of product testing in the field, choosing to use well-known BOSCH relays, military spec toggle switches, Deutsch connectors and dual set point timer (for spray pulse) to ensure longevity and to reduce any potential breaks downs.

The control system is only as good as the harness servicing the actuators and lighting and any auto sparky can tell you electrical systems and water don’t mix well. Corrosion in wiring and plug connections is a common place for faults to occur and cause major downtime issues. This is the reason why we choose to use Tinned Copper TXL in all our harnesses and Braiding as the protective layer. Tinned copper is used in the marine industry and is highly resistance to the effects of corrosion and harness braiding allows for moisture to escape and not to pool in the harness increasing the chances of wire corrosion. Our TXL also offers higher current over the standard copper conductor allowing the reduction of wire size, reducing the overall harness diameter.

With all our control systems and harnesses we supply a full Bill of Materials and wiring schematic information. This helps with future ordering of any components and diagnostics if a fault was to occur, saving you time.